New Store Location! And introducing my Ivory Pearl store!

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Well I went and rented some land in the Crowfoot region. More prims. I can put out all the beds to be tested. All the chairs, the hud and the party tub are all available too. Come on by and check it out!

Erosex store in Crowfoot region of Second Life

Erosex store in Crowfoot region of Second Life

I’d also like to introduce my new store called Ivory Pearl. While Erosex will be about furniture Ivory Pearl will be about the body. I have created a set of sculpted prim attachments that will make you absolutley orgasmic. Or at least look like it.

Ivory Pearl store in Crowfoot

Ivory Pearl store in Crowfoot


New for Erosex! Anywhere Hud! Modifiable Base! Chairs!

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I’ve got some new items in my store. Well I’ve had the Anywhere Hud and Modifiable Bed Base in the store for a few weeks already but I haven’t really mentioned them here. I just added some new chairs. They match with the beds in case you want to keep a similar theme in your home. I think I’ll make further posts to describe each new product! Stay tuned!

Standing in front of my vendor wall

Inside my shop

New Store Design!

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erosex new store design outside

I’ve redesigned my store to give it a clean low prim design. You can’t miss it from the outside because it stands out a solid black with the store logo ‘Erosex Designs’ plastered on all sides. It’s in Marwood by the way.

erosex new store inside main wall

Here is the interior of the store. Quite simple looking isn’t it? The purchase wall is on the left and the main wall to the right acts like an information screen. By choosing one of the buttons the entire wall changes and…

erosex new store poster bed wall

…you get something like the picture above. This is the information wall for the poster bed. The poster bed demo is rezzed in the center and is fully functional. There is a button to return to the main wall when you want to see something else. I went with this new design to make room for the addition of future products.

erosex new store information wall and teleport

Here are the opposite walls that have my basic store information. Links to this blog. A landmark giver. There’s even a teleport to the 2nd floor which has the suds party tub. I was planning to put the tub in the main wall display but I think the bubbles don’t show up as well against a white background. What am I talking about? Well you’ll just have to check it out and see!

Thank you very much!

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Thanks to everyone who has bought my products! I know it’s hard to buy things from new merchants like myself. I assure you I do have a lot of experience.. mostly as a customer. I hope to continue making more products and to fill the void that I see for certain products in Second Life. Thanks for reading!

The Suds Party Tub!

Posted in Products on December 27, 2007 by erosex

What is it? It’s a tub. A BIG tub. You can fill it with soapy water and bubbles and suds! What are suds? Why a huge mass of bubbles that covers everything and everyone. What can you do with such a big tub? Why dance in it of course! It’s a perfect excuse to invite your friends over and have them undress. I’ve even created some clothes layer suds and some wearable prim suds to complete your bathing attire. It’s wet, wild, clean and fun! Buy one today at my store Erosex.

Suds Party Tub Pic

Selling Sex Beds in SL

Posted in Products on December 16, 2007 by erosex

I sell sex beds. I hope to sell other things in the future. I have 5 different models to choose from. They are called the Modern Black, Modern White, Poster, Oriental and Natural Bed. Though they are all cosmetically different they all function the same way. You click on the bed and two poseballs will appear. A pink one for the woman and a blue one for the  man. Clicking these poseballs will position your avatar on the bed and animate them. The animations are of a sexual nature. I put in 45 different couple animations into my beds. I created all the animations myself using a program called Avimator. There are 9 animations per category which are Non-sexual, Oral, Doggy, Boy on Top, and Girl on Top.

The reason why I made these beds was that I wanted a nice bed for myself and I wanted to make something different from what I saw out there. Right now there are some very cheap beds out there that contain a bunch of freely available animations. Some of the animations are good but once you’ve seen one bed you’ve see them all. So right now the lower-end market is saturated with these types of beds. I wanted to make something comparable to the higher end products and I think my hand made animations are unique enough to make them a good alternative.

So please check out my store why don’t ya? Store links are on the right side.

Hello SL Universe!

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I just went over to SL Universe (SLU). Created my account there and posted all my beds in SL Shopper. It’s not an online store but it’s a great way to advertise. Not only does SLU have the classifieds but it also has a great forum alternative to the official SL forums. It also has Snapzilla which is an awesome way to add pics to your SL profile. If you play SL you should sign up there too.

 Click here to go to SL Universe